Wednesday, July 19

Use it or Lose it!!!

I have joined our local gym. Daring isnt it? But I have been thinking about it for a while as I felt I wanted to do some regular exercise. You see I have always enjoyed gym work, sadist that I am, Ive always liked the feeling you get after doing some sport, just physically pushing yourself that little bit further than normal. So in a conversation with my GP recently she pointed out that Im losing muscle tone and also will find myself suddenly susceptible to osteoporosis. Hmmmmm that hadnt really occured to me, the last thing I want is to end up braking something the next time I fall over. That would be inconvenient!
So I turned up at the gym for an 'induction'. Basically they want to make sure Im not going to have a heart attack at the first sign of any effort. I was met by a very jolly and lively gym instructor who looked a lot older than me, but then everyone does these days! Anyway first was a standard health questionnaire which I pretty much skipped through until the last question... 'Do you have any other health condition you want to tell us about?' Actually I dont want to tell anyone if Im honest, I dont think its the business of a total stranger, someone Ive just met in the previous 3 minutes. But I suppose I had to say something as er.. well its sort of obvious isnt it? So she said was it a birth defect, illness or accident? I muttered an answer and as I did so I blushed so much, I know I went bright red. I could feel myself doing it at the time and that made me feel all the more embarrassed, so I must have looked as if Id spent 3 hours on a sunbed! Still no matter I will get over these things. I have to admit that she was good, She spent loads of time with me going through various equipment I can use and other excersises I can do. I came away feeling impressed, which is a sort of nice feeling and although I sort of feel embarassed going in by myself with everyone running on treadmills, it feels OK, I can do it.

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