Friday, August 4

The Things People Say!

Suddenly I find people say the strangest things to me or worse still, about me. I think they are trying to be nice and also its a generational thing but to be honest they leave me pretty speechless......
  • 'You're very brave'...Bleeeeeugh!!!!
  • 'You look well'....I shouldnt?
  • 'Its good to see you out'....Out?..Out of where?
Then there is the undying admiration thing.
This week I was sitting outside a well known coffee shop in Carlisle with my mum. We had ordered and I said, 'I just need to pop to the bank, be 5 mins' and off I scooted. When I came back she told me the 2 elderly ladies next to us had said to her 'Doesnt she cope well....?' Yikes there's no escape is there?

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