Monday, July 31

Little Victories

Life is not about the big things. We get bogged down by our expectations of career success, financial standing, the shiny glittery prizes we all aspire to, but for me a victory in my life this week was managing to push a trolley around Tesco and get about £40 worth of shopping. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I wont say it was easy as steering isn't always great, and its best to go when the shop is quiet so you don't run into some unsuspecting shopper, but all in all it was a success. The only time I had to ask for help was getting back to the car because the car park is on a slight slope and I didn't think I could get me, my chair, and the trolley heavy with shopping back to my car without banging into half a dozen new cars long the way. Nevertheless Im confident I've cracked it, which is good as I like to get the groceries on my own and not reliant on someone else.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations!

    Okay...I'll try not to sound like a cornball while I write this...

    But yeah...a lot of people forget the small things (just because our sad society gives so much weight on the big things).

    P.S. I can vouch about the whole Hill Incline thing. (it has happened to me a couple of times...and I'm also trying to plan ahead if I do lug a trolley around with me)