Tuesday, September 26


Where would we be without that wonderful invention, velcro? The seat of my chair is held together totally by velcro, and when you come to think of it, its a pretty clever design. I spent a good 45 minutes yesterday wrestling with it. Believe me, its a lot stronger than you think, and I had realised I needed to chage the tension on my seat. RIP, RIP, RIP. Big rips, small rips. Hard work actually. In theory all you have to do is increase the tension by tightening it all up. Its not so easy however as there is SO MUCH velcro that it keeps attaching itself to bits you dont want it to, so its a long hard fight for 3/4 of an hour. So what Ive done at the moment is tightened everything up. However Im really going to have to replace some of my upholstery as its a bit tatty on the edges at the moment. Im also thinking of raising the back of my chair as I could really do with some better back support. So Im going to call RGK tomorrow and see if they can send me some tubes to increase the back height. At tremendous cost no doubt.

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