Monday, October 23

Surprised? -You will be!!!!!

Stop all the clocks,
cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum......
Because Guess what?... Im Pregnant!!!
I mean who would have thought it huh? Certainly not me thats for sure. Shock? You bet. I had to sit down for an hour!!!! Well seriously, we were both flabbergasted, I dont mean that in a bad way as we are pretty chuffed, but after the best part of 2 years we'd sort of come to the conclusion it wasnt going to happen and had forgotten about the whole thing. Typically, its mucked up my job prospects for at least a year as no employer in their right mind is going to take someone on who is going to vanish in a few months time and probably never come back. So off I will jolly well go and live off the state for a while. Not my style to be honest.
Anyways since finding out, Ive had every medic I know hopping about wondering if they are doing the right thing by me. 'Is there something I should be doing?' I can see they're all thinking? Im sent off here there and everywhere for scans and more scans. All I can say is that having an SCI means you get jolly good care from a pre-natal point of view. Ive been blessed not to be in a state of constant throwing up, and apart from being utterly knackered, am doing pretty much fine and dandy!
Im expecting it to all tick along if previous form is anything to go by. As for the actual event, well who knows? We will have to see nearer the time. Dont worry I will of course be documenting all the details for your reading as it progresses. This time is going to be a lot different to number 1 so it will be er... interesting!!! KBO for now....

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  1. That's excellent news!!!

    Congratulations and best of luck with the coming months.