Monday, October 23


I was in Edinburgh at the weekend. A nice but awkwardly inaccessible city. Geography apart the state of the pavements is very bad, and dropped kerbs just dreadful. Every time I go there I always get stuck on a kerb or 2 and have to ask handsome men for help. Anyway to add insult to injury I got a bloody parking ticket as well!! Can you believe that, me getting a ticket? The reason being that my front wheels had crept over into a residents parking bay. We are talking 6 inches here. I was not impeding any resident or taking anyones parking space. The thing is I'm not keen on parking on street for this and other reasons. Firstly I have to park with my wheels touching the kerb. This is so that my chair doesn't fall into the gutter when I'm getting in or out. So as a consequence you cant even open the car door to see how you have parked because you are obscuring the line. Of course once you are out of the car you cant just jump in and out until you feel you've parked correctly, it takes me ages to get out as it is at the moment anyway. Finally the only way you could really see that I had parked with my wheels in the residents bay is to stand in front of the vehicle, bend down and have a look. Obviously I cant do that.
Moan, Moan, Moan. As you can see I'm annoyed at this. If it was a just ticket so be it, but it isn't. My badge was clearly displayed and the attendant just saw an easy target. Anyway I'm refusing to pay and if they decide to uphold the ticket I shall take it to adjudication. This is a good way of harassing disabled people and I'm not going to stand for it!!!!!

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