Wednesday, November 8

All for the Best?

I'm currently picking over an autobigraphy by Mark Zupan. If you don't know who he is then hes the scary looking blond guy with attitude who plays Rugby for the US paralympic team. Hes quite a figure and has been very successful both sporting and otherwise. The main gist of his book is that his accident is the best thing that ever happened to him, hes quadriplegic, but reckons without this he'd have drank himself to death before he was 30. To my mind that's a very brave statement to make, but one I can empathise with, although personally I don't think I'm brave enough or mad enough to say it myself. BUT what is true is that sometimes big life events comes long and hit you with such force, you can either give up and die or you can take what you have left, move on and not be afraid to make those decisions you put off thinking about when life was cosy and normal. When everything is going you know, OK? Life isn't bad, but not exciting, its so easy to be stuck forever in that little rut. You'd like to change it but dare you? Sometimes you are forced to dare.
For me my essential personality helps, I must be one of the most stubborn people I know, I will never back down, I would look the devil himself in the face before I gave up on something. It saved me I know from times of real despair, but I have to admit I'm thankful for the opportunity this has given me to look at my life with different eyes. To not be afraid to take a rash decision, to give things a go, to even maybe a better person. I would hope so anyway and I hope those who know me would agree.

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