Monday, November 6

Prism Arts

I meant to write about this but got sidetracked somewhat. Last month I went to an interesting day hosted by Prism Arts at Rheged, Penrith. As a venue its OK , but has limited disabled parking and loos, but to be honest I don't tend to worry about toilets very much these days!

Anyway Prism Arts run programmes in theatre and expressive arts for people with learning difficulties across Cumbria, and they seem to be a dedicated and successful lot from what I have seen. Apart from putting on their own performance, there were several speakers, workshops, music, comedy and a fairly OK sort of buffet.

The thing with buffets Ive found is that no one gives a thought to wheelchair users. Its not too bad if you are 6'5'' and have enormous thighs, but as a short female I don't. So you are stuck with a paper plate balanced on your lap trying to get a bit of food before it all goes and also trying to make sure it doesn't fall on the floor. You have to wheel yourself around the tables as you do this. Then try to pour yourself a glass of juice or a cup of tea. Take it from me, get the cold drink. You get a bloody saucer with hot drinks to start with. I mean you try balancing tea and coffee on your lap while you move off into the distance.... certainly doesn't work for me I can tell you. At least with half a glass of something its usually possible to ram it between your legs in a hope it will stay there. So I did get some food, but not enough to drink.

In the afternoon there was a very good comedian. I sat to one side of the audience and watched everyone enjoying themselves. My, how my life has changed in a short space of time. What am I doing with all these disabled people? What has my life become? Its not bad, not bad at all, but really its nothing like I imagined it would be a few years ago. Then I was standing tall, and now my view of the world is from sitting down. Believe me I see it as very different, I don't know if I will ever get used to it. Perhaps I will, time does heal all after all.

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