Friday, November 10

Christmas at Kielder

Despite all my protestations at not doing Christmas, short of taking a holiday in Saudi Arabia its hard to avoid so we are doing the Santa thing at Kielder Forest in their Winter Wonderland. I phoned and booked the tickets today and told them I needed wheelchair access. Not only do they have that, but I was informed my son will be taken on the wheelchair accessible route so we can all go together. Sounds good doesn't it? I'm not getting my hopes up too much as often these things can turn out to be a disaster i.e. someone has decided the accessible route will have 3 inches of gravel. But we shall see. I'm hopeful that it will be good. After all I'd really like to come back and write a really good report on it. You get sick of moaning sometimes.

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  1. Kyle Sterry20:26

    I'd be surprised if it's not accessible. Kielder is pretty big on accessibility.