Tuesday, November 14


My car blew up on Sunday night, or more precisely the head gasket blew, and it really did. We were cruising down the A69 at a fair rate of knots when it suddenly happened. Stem and smoke poured out the bonnet, the car came to a sudden halt and that was it. We were relayed home by the AA and so we are looking for a new car.
After an hour of panicking we decided to get a shiny new vehicle on Motability. This means I get it free and don't have to do anything about servicing, repairs, breakdown, blah de blah. Cant wait. So what to get? The choice isn't that great actually, as I must have an automatic, we are down to a couple of choices, a Nissan or a Chevrolet. I'm not fussy as long as it has 4 wheels I'm not that interested. More question of how quickly we can get it I think. So we are off to look t a few makes tomorrow. Mmmm Cant wait!!!

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