Sunday, November 26


Christmas is coming and I'm having an attack of the humbugs. Let me say I'm not opposed to the principle of Christmas, what I cant stand is that it starts at the beginning of November and is the relentless march of consumerism right into the January sales. Its also brings the mass hoards out shopping.

Ive noticed this a lot more over the last couple of weeks during which time Ive been sat upon, fallen over, kicked, walked into, pushed, rammed with a trolley and so on, more times than I have in the last year. Now I suppose last year I didn't go shopping very much anyway and when I did I was far too self conscious and embarrassed to even notice if anyone one had bashed me. I know the trials of being 3 foot tall are many, but being run over by trolleys when you are out shopping shouldn't be one of them.

So beware anyone out for a stroll around your local Asda or Tesco, don't forget to watch out for wheelchairs or just little people. They could be round that next corner just waiting for you to run into them.

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  1. Kyle Sterry01:09

    Going through my RSS feeds, it seems everyone (including me) is guilty of posting a humbug or scrooge-type blog entry.

    Christmas trees are up in my street and the race is on to get all the lights up.

    It makes Christmas day less special as Christmas fatigue sets in. Thankfully I'll be in an Arabic country for the next month or so!

    I don't think we're being miserable, just that the world's gone silly and this is just another thing.