Wednesday, November 1


In my naivety I thought this pregnancy would be the same as the last one. Physically for me so far so good, but medically, boy its a world of difference. So far Ive seen the Obstetrician twice, my GP once, and the midwife for the first time this week. On past form a trip to the midwife consists of how are you, whats your blood pressure and lets take a blood sample. See you in 8 weeks or so. Ah, not this time, my incapacity means I now get number 1 A*** treatment. I said to my husband it would take about 25 minutes or so; an hour and a quarter later I emerged worn out and shattered. Good grief, so many questions, she wanted to know absolutely everything about me medically in particular and also socially too.
So she took a fuller than full medical history and of course found my back totally fascinating. Obviously a first for her!! She also took great interest in my bladder, naturally doesn't everyone? And wants to see me again in 3 weeks not the usual 6 or whatever.
Now seems so far that my birth options are very much Ho hum nobody knows. Id like to have Hersh minimus in Hexham, but this doesn't have special facilitates should we need them, in which case I would be whisked off to Newcastle. Bit of a nightmare. So will I be able to push OK? Will I feel anything? Will it hurt more than usual, Will I need an epidural, should I have one? Could I have one? Will I need one anyway? Is my spine actually up to the job? Would I like an elective Cesarean perhaps... ( No thanks on that one). At the end of the day, so far anyway, no one really seems to know, and neither do I. I understand that all these things are person specific, but it would be nice to have a bit of reassurance somewhere along the way.

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