Monday, November 6

The Acceptable Face

Someone I work with told me today that I was 'the acceptable face of disability'. Its true I suppose, although I admit it grudgingly. From the point of view of the general public I dont look too disabled, I'm pretty normalish, not scary and can hold a conversation without slurring my words. But its sad that society still sees disability in these terms. Its no use denying it either, it does and will continue to do so for some time I imagine. So it will be relatively easy for me to progress in life with this minor disability. If for instance I had a severe facial disfigurement, even though Id be far more physically able than I am now, I guess the world would be very much closed to me. We live in fear of what we don't understand and what we find frightening. If I'm sitting at a desk, you could hardly tell, but an obvious deformity can never really be hidden. And should it that's the question? Of course it has been argued that we are all equal. Quite, that's what we like to kid ourselves with, but some are always more equal than others.

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