Saturday, December 2

Would You, Should You?

There is what looks like an interesting programme on BBC2 this coming Thursday about a guy who is offered stem cell treatment so that after 20 years of paralysis he will possibly walk again. Apparently he decides not to do it. So I wonder would I? And I conclude even after a short space of time I don't think I would. Well it depends on whats on offer but personally I want it all or nothing. Its not enough for me to wobble around unsteadily on crutches, 'walking'. No what I want to do is run so hard I get the stitch, walk barefoot on a beach going ouch ouch as you hop over broken shells, stand with my feet in the sea sinking into the sand and the water lapping over them, I want to be able to go out all day and not feel I need to sit down once, and yes walk Hadrian's wall. So unless they can offer this to me then I'm not interested. Wobbling around on crutches with that sinking feeling that you are going to fall over any minute isn't walking and means you become less mobile not more. But hey, that's just my opinion for what its worth.

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  1. Kyle23:02

    I would, even if it's half as good as it can be. Although having said that, if the experts say you can't have any further improvements, then I'd say no, I'd wait till medicine can get it right - in other words, if there's a future chance of improvement on what's on offer, I'd take it. Always leave a door open I say.