Saturday, December 2

Disability Equality Scheme

Over the last week Ive been busting a gut to get an Action Plan and Draft Scheme written so it can go to the full Council in 10 days time. The Disability Equality Scheme is something that all public bodies should have in place to positively promote the welfare of disabled people. Part of it says we should actively consult with disabled people on this so we know what they want. Trouble is, we haven't. There are 2 reasons for this, the first being that the council in their wisdom forgot about it and then suddenly realised they needed to get it done, and secondly because I work for the least sparsely populated district in England, and its bloody hard to find anyone who admits to being disabled let alone get them to come and consult. Even a good lunch fails to entice. So Ive been consulting with myself and writing what seems to be a very large policy document in the process. You know when you feel as if your brain is going to explode? Well that's how Ive felt all week, so much information in such a small space, Ive had a permanent headache for days........ or is my bladder just full?!! No I'm pretty sure its been caused by too much thinking.
Anyway I got my report in bang on midday which was the deadline,.. I always meet deadlines, she says smugly, and it looks like this is going to rattle on well into the new year. So if you are disabled, a bit disabled, know someone who is, or might be,or perhaps you have a disabled pet and live in Cumbria come and consult with me, please, Im desperate to talk to anyone!!!

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  1. Kyle22:59

    Forgive me for being a bit pedantic, but isn't Northumberland is the most sparsely populated county in England? :) If you did mean Northumberland, then I can probably help out.