Friday, January 5


The one thing that drives me nuts is that during my pregnancy my immune system all but vanishes. This means in reality that for the last few months every little bug has come along swinging a bloody great sledge hammer and pounding me on the head.
So its 4 am and for the last 3 hours the slight cold that I have has turned into the monster from hell. My cough has turned into tuberculosian proportions and just to make it even worse I have managed to throw up all over my quilt, the bathroom and the kitchen. Its bad enough when you are AB'd but when you re not, you have to sit and take what comes and deal with it afterwards.
What Id like now more than anything is for a big hand to come down from the sky, lift me up and pop me into a soft bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and the biggest, softest fluffiest pillows and quilts you've ever seen. In reality I'm trying to sleep downstairs on the reclining chair. Ah life just gets better and better doesn't it!!!?

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