Friday, January 5

Wriggle wriggle...

I'm getting this bloody awful leg spasm in bed every night and its not funny. I'm ok until I lie down and then the whole thing kicks off, quite literally. Basically I have a very unpleasant feeling as if an electric prod has been applied to my groin and left thigh, and in combination with a sort of weird tickle, it sends my left leg shooting off on its own mission. I just cant stop the damn thing and spend ages wriggling around, changing positions and trying to lie on top of the leg to stop it. While I wouldn't call it painful, which is what many people say about spasms, its definitely very uncomfortable and a rather disagreeable sensation to want for another word there. It seems its a result of Hersh minimus getting bigger and starting to press down a bit. Great, I really cant wait until I'm 8 months pregnant, that's going to be a real joy!!

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