Sunday, January 21

6 Months On

I woke up this morning and found out I was pregnant!!!!!! This sounds crazy I know but for the last 5 months it's been fairly well hidden and suddenly almost overnight, the bump has appeared and boy I'm starting to feel pregnant! I mean who are these woman who say they felt marvellous when they were pregnant? "oh yes I never looked so good" they say. Surprisingly a lot of people tell me how good I look, as if they expect me to look haggard and wizened at the prospect of motherhood yet again. Actually I spend a lot of time looking pale and pasty, but everyone's opinion is different.

So hows it all progressing? From a purely pregnancy point of view its really easy and straightforward, nothing to worry about, pretty text book in fact. I haven't been blighted by all those problems most women seem to get. Morning sickness, food craving, huge weight gain, high blood pressure, swollen ankles, the list is endless. But I am starting to get my own niggles which I think are to do with either being sat down most of the day, and SCI in general.

Suddenly I'm very tired, tired and tearful. So overwhelmingly tired that I have to go and sleep straight away. Its irritating and means I don't get that much done. My back is really starting to feel it, especially around point of injury and also seems to be creeping up higher as well. I'm finding sitting up straight just quite hard work and I'm feeling breathless as Hersh minimus is starting to push my diaphragm up. My bladder just does what it wants to do most of the time with no say from me. Generally pain has increased quite a bit and even things like turning in, and getting out of bed are becoming quite difficult. Day to day things like pushing up a slight hill, and getting in and out of the car take more care and effort. And to finish off, I feel as if Ive turned into a round blob on wheels. Thats not really true, but everytime I catch sight of myself I think "*******" or words to that effect! Vanity, vanity all is vanity huh?Not that I'm moaning, mostly its OK, Ill just be glad once we are into June I suppose and its all over with.

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