Monday, January 22

New Wheels!!!

My new wheelchair arrived today and how excited am I? I've been tracking it from Heathrow since last Monday and by Thursday it just seemed to be in limbo en route to somewhere. Then I got the call from the courier to ask me some questions so I wouldn't have to pay import tax, and then arrange a time. It was all very easy really, and at 11.30 today it arrived, this huge great box with the very nice black Ti logo on the box. Well it was as if I was 10 all over again I was so excited!! I wrestled with the box for sometime as it was stapled and taped but eventually I got it open and started to remove the mountains of packing material. I was nervous. Id ordered the 16 inch seat which is what Ive been using on my RGK but now I was thinking, maybe I should have got the 17 inch? Anyway out came this nice silver shiny frame and wheels. So light I cant tell you, I mean almost featherweight compared to the other one. So it was a matter of clicking the wheels, unfolding the frame and off I went, pracising round the house. I'm like a child on Christmas day with a new bike.... just couldn't wait!

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