Friday, January 5

Axle, Axel

I cant believe my 'luck' because its such a rare happening, that I cant imagine how I did it, but Ive bent the axle pin on my wheelchair and I don't have a spare....! This could almost be disaster as the new chair wont be arriving just yet, and you cant just pop down to B & Q to get a new one. I sort of noticed it yesterday, but it wasn't until today that I did a full inspection and realised the problem. To be honest I'm no engineer and I'm not sure how they work, but you press the button in and it comes out, and push in again and it locks. There is a small bit that pops out at the end which has been bent so its not popping properly!! You can see just how technical my understanding is here. What it means basically is that the wheel doesn't lock in securely, meaning it could roll off anytime with me still sitting in the chair. The only immediate course of action is for me to sit down tonight with a range of pliers, screwdrivers and stuff and see if I can tease it back into place. I just wish I knew how Id managed to accomplish this rare feat! Doh!

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  1. Try vast amounts of WD40 as sometimes a bit of grit gets in the end. Also there is a little tiny spring inside that can get broken but thats really rare. If that fails I have a some older axels somewhere in the garage but they are rather, big both is diameter and length compaired to the ones on my current chair as I recall.