Saturday, March 24

Dont mind me.

Yesterday we decided to do our weekly shop at Waitrose. You know how it is when you get sick of the sight of food, only somewhere like Waitrose can really help. However the car park is a bit odd in that although there is plenty of disabled parking, its surrounded by kerbs, so there is really only one place to get into the shop. They have put in a sort of ramp/dropped kerb which does the job nicely for pushchairs, trolleys and wheelchairs. Anyway Id just got out the car and was slowly getting myself together when I spied a car pull up out the corner of my eye, and out jumped a youngish mother who was in the process of greeting and hugging a friend and doing the usual 'Mwa, Mwa' in the Hexham style. She'd parked right in front of the ramp blocking everyone from using it. So I pottered carefully over to where she was parked in anticipation of her moving, but no such luck, so I went round her car and positioned myself as if to go up the dropped kerb. Now if I hadnt been pregnant Id probably been able to sqeak through or bounce up the kerb, but right now nothing is possible. So I sat there, and sat there, and sat there...................... Eventually after a couple of minutes of being ignored I asked her to move the car forward in my nicest casual style. "Oh do you want to get in the shop?" was the reply..... "No Im sitting here in the middle of the car park in the hope of getting run over and thus claiming a huge about of compensation" was what I thought. Yes if you dont mind, could you just move the car forward a little (and stop gassing)" I replied, smiling that smile that say, Oh Please.....................!

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