Wednesday, March 7

The National Railway Museum

Last weekend we visited the National Railway Museum in York as my son is mad about trains and its something Ive been meaning to see for years! I was pleased to note they offer free parking for disabled visitors right at the front of the building, and not just a couple of spaces but loads of them which makes a nice change. The whole building is very accessible with plenty of loos and lots to see. Lifts easily take you up and down the mezzanine floors and overall its a good place to visit. Many of the carriages do have ramps up and you can go inside, but it would be nice to see a few more ramped platforms outside those exhibits that are not open. If you are 6 foot tall you can probably peep into the carriages, in particular that of Edward VII, but as only 5ft I had good views of the ceiling which was a pity. Overall pretty good though. The restaurant has bags of room, enough for a whole army of wheelchairs as its hard enough to find places that take more than one most times. Worth a visit even if you don't like trains.

Here's a picture of me and my son. Please note, I'm looking pretty fat with only 68 days to go, and uncomfortable, as for my son.... any caption ideas!!!!?????

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  1. Your blog came to my attention because I have a Google Alert set up for Nordic Walking, a subject I'm writing a book about. You seem to be an amazing woman, "buggering on" in your words, despite SCI, pregnancy and an active little boy. I admire your upbeat attitude, am happy that you have a supportive husband and am hopeful that some advances on the distant in spinal cord regeneration will be available to you. Thanks for an inspiring blog.