Thursday, March 8

A Helping Hand

One of the main problems that I encounter again and again is that of getting care. Actually I don't really mean care in the strict sense of the word, what I mean is that sometimes you need someone just to help you out for a couple of hours. Most counties will only fund care for people who fall into the critical care category, which means an awful lot of us are left without anything, or so it seems to me. So I'm currently involved in the setting up of a support worker scheme within Tynedale to start with, but if successful to broaden out to cover West Northumberland. The main object of this is to provide people with a service they can book in advance for a nominal fee which will provide them with broad support for some sort of activity. This may mean going on a shopping trip somewhere else other than Hexham, a morning outing, help to walk the dog, anything really that might just need an extra hand for a few hours. We also provide a wheelchair accessible people carrier as well if required. Its all about giving people the choice to do something because they feel like it and not have to rely on the good will of family and friends all the time. I would like to go to buy larger items at Ikea without my husband for instance, but Id really need a hand with getting stuff in the car. My main example is the help I could sometimes do with my son. This isnt a major activity , but Id like to take him to some new places from time to time. The thing is at the age of 3 he is still quite shy of new places which means we get somewhere, he gets halfway to the entrance and then freezes on the spot as he suddenly realises he doesnt know where he is. If I'm on my own, I have to either negotiate with him, coax him, or try to pick him up. Either way its not easy and usually takes about 3 visits before he feels happy enough to come with me. So with this service I could work on taking him to new places without alwasy having to ely on my husband to be there, which is a lot easier on him and allows me to have Mummy time!

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  1. Well, that sounds a great idea! Often in areas some of what you suggest works: there is a Dial-A Ride service here, but too booked up to be useful.

    As a 6' 4" paraplegic househusband, I find I can do most things at homethough fighting a hoover is not quite me scene, and the boss *my wife of course) fills in with bits I've missed. It would be handy sometimes to have someone who could help; like if I get ill or have an operation.

    It is MUCH easier to take 2 children than one. Once your number 2 is the age your number 1 is now, you wil have you own sheepdog to round up number 2. Also, the little one can ride on your leaving only 1 to walk though both may like a ride down amn hill, at speed.