Tuesday, May 22

Me and Isak

Seems that I'm now officially a disabled parent. Before I had Isak I was a disabled person who just happened to have a son, now I'm a disabled parent. The system seems to work in such a way that as I was AB'd when I had Elk, I didn't count before. Now, I have had a hoard of health workers calling in to see how we are and if we need anything. No I say I'm fine really. I have done this all before so its no big deal...... then they say they will call in tomorrow anyway. I smile and nod graciously while my husband grinds his teeth in the background. I can honestly say Ive had no more than a couple of hours alone with my new son since he was born and I'm a bit fed up to put it mildly. In fact I'm bloody cheesed off and wish they would all bugger off to where they came from. Oh I'm so ungrateful aren't I? Well what irritates me is that of course they only ever offer the help they think you want not what you really need. At the moment I would like help with cooking, cleaning, doing my washing, ironing, getting the shopping in, taking my older son to nursery and collecting him again, and so on. That's what I need, so who's offering, certainly not social services or the NHS!

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