Sunday, July 29

My Son

My older son is 3 and a half, more like 33 and a half to be honest. For a start he likes to push me everywhere, which can be a bit alarming for me, and he is also very interested in wheelchairs. Most kids stare at me a lot, but I'm pleased to say he doesn't stare at other wheelchair users, but he does like to comment loudly on the wheelchair they are using. He isn't too bothered by electric chairs, although he likes to compare wheel sizes, and he already has a type of wheelchair envy. He can tell if a chair is like mine, and I think he can pretty much tell if something is an NHS monstrosity or a high spec made to measure job. He has been known to go and chat to complete strangers about their 'wheels' but is totally uninterested in the disability. His other quirk is looking for the little wheelchair disabled sign which he then tells me that's you ma!! At the age of 3 hes quite happy to fling the bathroom door open and come in as I'm dealing with, er... certain matters. Whats that is his favourite question. So of course I have the issue as to how honest and how detailed I am with him. Pretty much I try to keep answers honest and straightforward, however his openness sometimes makes me speechless. whats that smell ma?.....(uti)....How to make me feel good about myself huh?!!!!

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