Friday, July 6

The Past Life

Following on from that, I'm starting to panic about the proposed trip. The thing is we shall be there for Rosh Hashanah which if you weren't sure is Jewish New Year. Its a big deal, and my father in law is thrilled we are going, but its also a time for inviting everyone over for tea in the afternoon, socialising and generally catching up with people. We left 3 years ago, and now I'm rolling back, so the thing is, I'm going to end up seeing loads of people who I knew well at that time, but who haven't seen me or the chair, or even really know about it either. So............ thinking about it is making my hair prickle because on the one hand Id really like to see everyone again because they were all good and kind individuals, BUT................ well the but is a big one, I know I'm going to be stared at horribly, asked over and over about what happened to me, and just made to feel really really uncomfortable. I will be without doubt, a source of gossip for weeks. I do want to go though as I want to smile and chat and catch up on old times and do the things you normally do, but its not easy. I have a while to think about it though.


  1. I had the same experience once - going somewhere I knew a lot of people, in a wheelchair, going to seeing lots of people who didn't know about it.

    I asked the people who already knew about it to mention it to as many others as possible..."Oh and Funky Mango's going to be here...just so you know, she's using a wheelchair now..." in the hope of not spending all my time explaining! I did still spend quite a lot of time...but not as much as it could have been.

    Remember they'll have your new baby to fuss over though!

    Hope it all goes well :-)

  2. stephanie02:54

    you need to have little cards printed up, with the main points, hand them out ...

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  4. still not looking forward to it!