Friday, July 6

Where to stay?

I'm a woman on a mission, although frankly its looking doomed! The story is this, we are off to Bristol w/b 12th September for 4 days to see family/friends and I'm looking for somewhere to stay. What we need is wheelchair accessible, self catering, and family orientated. How difficult does that sound? Impossible is the answer. I have yet to find anywhere that comes up with that criteria, as wheelchair accessible is a real rarity. Ive perused loads of websites offering accessible accommodation, trouble is accessible seems to mean that you can walk unassisted up a flight of stairs. I'm not keen on unknown stairs as to be honest they tend to be hellish, an accident waiting to happen I should think. I don't want to stay in a hotel as I want the freedom offered by doing your own thing which you really need with 2 small children. So the best thing I can come up with is a Youth Hostel.
You wouldn't think it would be that difficult but it is. You can have a disabled room for a couple but not a family as obviously crips never have kids do they? Makes me just a bit cross as it means we would really have to have 2 rooms. So I'm having to compromise with access. I don't know if I will be able to actually shower while I'm there, but hey lets not go there for now hmm? Good job I don't have to worry too much about loos these days isn't it?!

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