Wednesday, August 1

Mountains and Wainwright.

The BBC is full of lovely programmes featuring lovely shots of Britain, for indeed we do live in the most lovely of countries. Mountain is presented by the ever so lovely Griff Rhys Jones while he explores the loveliest bits, mainly those lovely lovely mountains that dot the north. As well as the really lovely Griff there is the even lovelier Wainwrights Walks on BBC 4, which rediscovers the lovely lovely fells of the Lake District.

G-d I f****** HATE these programmes!! I'm so bloody jealous I'm almost in tears as I watch them, so I don't. Much.

I used to be one of those people. I used to explore the countryside, wander off the beaten track, climb a tree and my favourite thing ever was visiting iron age sites and older. Enjoy the days and the sunshine with my husband and dogs. You never know what you are going to see or find hidden, just winting for you. Now I don't. Ever. 'Cos I cant.


  1. Hi Lorraine

    I've just stumbled on your site and have been reading your well-written posts.
    I'll think of you and your family and your fighting spirit when I pass through Cumbria on my van drives between Wales and Glasgow.


  2. Thanks. junction 43 M6. Look left as you go south and give me a wave!