Friday, August 24

Paying my way.

One thing I like to do is pay my way in life, but that no longer happens. I'm the recipient of constant freebies, which was quite nice to start with but now just irritates the hell out of me. The scenario is...I'm with an Ab'd friend and we decide to get a coffee, my friend will always jump up and say 'Right what do you want?'. So I make my order and then offer some money. ' No don't be silly' and they run off leaving me with a £10 note in my hand. This is trivial but it annoys me to death. Just because I'm short so I cant balance a tray of hot coffee and cakes on my lap, doesn't mean to say I cant pay for drinks. I'm not destitute and can happily afford my turn, but no I'm never allowed to. Just because I'm sitting here doesn't mean that people should be extra nice to me or something. I want to pay, I have the money so let me spend it!!!

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