Saturday, October 13


Charity sees the need not the cause -German proverb

I am irritated by the Jewish community. I'm allowed to say that because I'm Jewish OK? Anyway you may know that the Jewish community is hugely successful at raising money for great causes, giving to individuals and helping those in genuine difficulties, but what annoys me a bit is no one has ever asked us if we needed anything. It seems charity only happens if you live in London or Manchester, otherwise you are ignored and forgotten. Its not like we are not active members of the community, we are but not once has anyone ever asked myself or my husband if we are OK? Is there any help we need? Do we require any financial assistance? So when I see these hugely successful campaigns in the JC every week I feel a tad upset. Let me say right now that I do not want or require money, however what gripes me is no one has ever bothered to ask. Probably because we look well off, educated and middle class people think we couldn't possibly ever need anything. Well let me tell you being disabled is bloody expensive, try it for a few months and you will soon realise that your income drains away on stuff you would have never wanted thought about or needed before. It would just have been a true kindness if someone had thought to ask us but no one did. Isn't that what community is for after all or are we all islands unto ourselves these days?

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