Saturday, October 13

Who are They?

Its a huge misconception that when you are disabled, especially if you become disabled that they will look after you. They will supply you with everything you need in life, they will be provide you with the care and support you need, assuming they cant do anything for you medically. They must have a huge pot of money because they are everywhere, they give a large amounts to the needy and basically we couldn't manage without them so we are told in the newspapers.

Only one problem I don't know who they are or if they exist. You may be surprised to know that once I became disabled there wasn't this huge benevolent hand coming down from on high offering large cheques and wonderful bits of equipment. They didn't pay for me to go on some sort of special rehab course, and they didn't offer me a trip to China for stem cell treatment. They didn't even pay for my chair. Apart from wheelchair services sort of providing for some of my needs and lots of OT people offering me strange bits of equipment, they have been no where to be seen.
So who are they? Where are they? If you are one of them, step forward. Id like to know.

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