Saturday, October 13

All Aboard The Smile Train

Well the end of the year is coming along fast and Christmas is coming up on the rails. Now I'm no humbug but for obvious reasons we don't really do Christmas, and over the last few years we have stopped sending out cards to friends to wish them festive greetings. It seems a bit pointless and a huge waste of money but of course if you are lucky you might still get an e mail from me! Each year instead we nominate a charity and donate the money we would have spent on cards, stamps and other things instead. This year its the Smile Train. I was thinking I wanted my money to make a difference. Its not a huge amount but I didn't want it to be lost in the funding of a big charity, donate to a smaller one and they really have the benefit. The Smile Train does wonderful work across the developing world in repairing cleft palates in children, and also teaching and providing the equipment for communities to continue the work after they have left. We take it for granted here as most of the time its a very straightforward procedure, that takes about 45 minutes. Without this surgery these children have no hope, no opportunity and no prospect in their lives. They are outcasts and shunned by their societies, many are seen as being cursed. And yet its so simple to repair.
In Judaism the greatest thing you can do is save a life. Although this isn't physically saving someones life as such I believe it is the same principle. These children would be destined for a life of poverty, sickness, hardship and loneliness because of their appearance, most would die premature deaths. I hope my donation can save a child from that. Here's the promotional film, take 5 minutes to watch it, and should you feel so inclined this year, help support their work.
And remember you wont be getting a card from me this year OK?

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