Friday, October 19


I never ever realised just how strange the human race could be until I became disabled, and then all of humanity pops up from nowhere. There is a group of people in particular known within disabled circles as devotees. Basically these are people who are attracted to you because of your disability and/or the bits and pieces that go with it, eg a wheelchair. It happens on many levels, in fact I might even know some devotees, I'm not sure, but on a very straightforward level I don't suppose its that bad. After all I tend to go for men with glasses.....having said that I don't actively seek them out! The trouble is a lot of this tends to go off into the world of fetishism and perversion. Ebay does a roaring trade in medical appliances for instance, and I know for a fact they are not usually sold to people who need them. Do a search on the web and you will come up with some very strange and worrying sites. Finally take a look at YouTube if you don't believe me. There are a lot of videos of disabled people, many have been taken secretly and are at best voyeuristic and others are just downright perverted and exploitative.
So there have been times recently when I have seriously questioned someones motive for being nice to me, especially the opposite sex. Its likely I'm being paranoid but the trouble is you can never tell what people do behind closed doors, and its often those you would never suspect. Its just sad that the actions of a few rather warped individuals means that a lot of us start to become suspicious.

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  1. Well written.

    It's the ones who do the secret filming and then posting it on youtube that have me pissed off.