Thursday, January 10

Access for All

Crikey! Where has the last 10 days gone I wonder? Actually they've been gobbled up by the attentions of my children plus a couple of routine medical appts in Newcastle. Probably for the first time in weeks I can 'sit down' take a glass of port and listen to my own thoughts.
So 2008 is off with a start. I'm writing a report for Northumberland National Park entitled Access for All. Very original. Obviously I'm writing it from a disabled perspective, but even though I have a wheelchair point of view, I know little about other disabilities apart from what Ive gleaned from friends and acquaintances. So if you have anything you want to suggest about disabled access and the countryside let me know before the 15th January. Personally I can go on forever about the subject as it really gets on my nerves when I realise Im forever going to be looking at the countryside from the car but I dont want to waffle on indefinatly!

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