Thursday, January 17

Who's Reading?

Im amazed at times when I look to see whos been reading this. Of course I have the regulars but its fascinating to see those who stumble across KBO.
Anyway over the last week the individuals from the following have read up on my exploits.
  1. Edge Hill University
  2. Alberta Forestry Lands And Wildlife
  3. Liverpool John Moores University
  4. University Of North Carolina At Greensboro
  5. The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  6. Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
  7. University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  8. Debenhams Retails Plc
  9. Worcestershire County Council
  10. Department Of Veterans Affairs
  11. U.s. Geological Survey
  12. Schering-plough Research Institute
  13. University Of Michigan College Of Literature Science And The Arts
  14. Macsween Of Edinburgh
  15. Ottawa General Hospital
  16. Oregon State University
  17. Universitaet Zu Koeln
  18. State University Of New York At Buffalo
  19. National Aeronautics And Space Administration
  20. and finally......Central Intelligence Agency!!!!!!

Crikey, thats scary!


  1. Dear Lorraine,

    I was happy to read your Blog as Google alerts made me aware of your preference for Macsween haggis.

    Thank you for the lovely comments.


    James Macsween.

  2. Why are you surprised? Your blog is an interesting read.