Saturday, February 2

Blue Badge Ageism

If looks could kill Id be dead. Now I dont want to be a blue badge bore becasue we are all in danger of going on and on about it, but its one of those subjects that arouses strong passions, and you cant be disabled and avoid it really.
So last week I called in at Tesco to pick up essential baby items. I had my eldest son with me. As I swung round into the parking spot, my badge flew off the dash and into the passenger footwell. So I made a few jokes about it that a 4yr old will appreciate, then I started to root round on the floor looking for it. Id just sat up when this old guy walks round slowly and deliberatly, peers into the car and then just stands and looks at me. So I smiled and waved and flashed my badge at him. He didnt even acknowledge me as Im sure he thought I must be using someone elses. Now I never mind people checking, in fact I wish they would more often, but I sort of suspect that if Id been his age he wouldnt have appeared so challenging. As we rolled around the store I spotted him doing his shopping, and Im struck by the fact that if hes able to walk around a Tesco Extra, and cover quite a distance I should think, how come he qualifies for a badge anyway?

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