Saturday, January 19

A visit from the OT

So on Thursday, at my request I had a visit from my Occupational Therapist which was pretty quick I thought. I have a tendency to resist intervention from health care workers mainly because when we lived somewhere else and at the point I began to need all of this, I actually got pretty cursory treatment. I never got the help I needed and so I thought that this was the norm. Only now am I starting to realise there may have been a whiff of negligence there, and that one size doesn't fit all, because I can only say that I have had excellent care from the NHS since Ive been here. But I digress, I'm talking about the OT. Now you may remember that Ive decided to apply for a disabled persons grant, should have done it ages ago, but hey ho I'm ever the brave soldier and sort of got used to living a more difficult life because you do what you have to.
Well she came in, sat down and we had a quick chat. I'm very pleased that they actually sent someone with experience of SCI, but then Hexham used to be the regional centre so its still fairly on the ball over these things.
You need a lift she said, Do I I thought? Not sure that the planning committee would appreciate us hacking through the beams of our 17th c farmhouse.
Well maybe a stairlift, she went on. Sounds OK to me.
A wet room? Hmm I don't mind if I do.
A ramp and somewhere to park perhaps? Absolutely.
So then I'm going to refer you onto the community OT She said.
I thought you were community OT?
I am but theres community rehab and then theres community OT. Even we get confused sometimes!
Ahhh yes of course........!?
Then she quizzed me about wheelchair services...
Ill get them to call you.
OK why not I thought and then she said What about Physio?
Physio, well I haven't done that for ages but it was quite nice,
Well in that case Ill get them to call you as well then.
With that she was off! You know when you get that dazed and bewildered feeling? Well I think I felt as if a mini tornado had flown through the house. All I want is a ramp and better access for me and the baby which isn't rocket science, but hey I'm happy to accept anything really!

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