Saturday, January 19

Whats in a Cushion?

One thing I never knew about, and I bet you don't is the importance of the right cushion. Seems that one cushion fits all wheelchairs right? After all a cushion is a cushion isn't it?? Noooo of course not, once you step into that world of disability, nothing is straightforward anymore.
I find it almost impossible to sit on a hard surface anymore. Manys the time that I would happily transfer to a different seat when I'm out somewhere, only to realise that the alternative a hard wooden chair. Cripes, they are unbearable!!! My backside shoots pain up my back, telling me that its just not a good idea, I can sort of feel every bit of bone in my bum, which is horrible, so these days I need a decent cushion. When you are sitting for any length of time you also have to watch out for things like pressure sores. Mind you I'm such a fidget at the best of times, shifting around has never been that much of a problem! So for the last few months Ive been giving new cushions a try. Ive had ordinary foam cushions which seem OK but not quite supportive enough, then I decided to give ROHO a try.

ROHO cushions have a great reputation as they are made of individual cells, each one you blow up to just the right amount and then you are sort of suspended on these bubbles. Its a great idea and provides wonderful support for lots of people and is one of the best at avoiding any kind of pressure related sore. But I just couldn't get along with it, I don't know, I felt sort of wobbly. As I find it quite hard to sit up straight without slouching horribly I needed something a bit more firmer I guess. So then I came across the Jay Combi Cushion. As soon as I read the blurb I knew this was the one for me. Its contoured, so its well, bum shaped I suppose! You plant yourself squarely on it and it gives good support, is slightly firmer at the front where your legs put most of the pressure, and the shape is designed to stop slouching.

Mine arrived 2 days go and its just terrific, yes Im a convert to Jay cushions, probably the most comfortable thing Ive ever used. Its Jay for me from now on!

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