Thursday, February 14

Measure Me Up!

Today I had an appointment with wheelchair services, I was a bit surprised becasue they just rang me up yesterday and left a message for me to come in at 10am. Now I havent been for sometime and it would be quite nice to get something useful, a new chair maybe, perhaps. Who knows? My policy is to take what Im offered. The technician was someone I hadnt met before but she was very nice and chatty, did a few quick measurements and then gave me a prescription form. My backside has spread, well not surprising I suppose after 2 children that 6 pack just doesnt exist anymore!
We work with Kuschall she said, I will get their rep to call you and make an appointment to come round and see you.
Oooo thats nice I thought, I quite fancy a new Airlite but we shall see whats on offer.

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