Wednesday, February 13

OT Update

Im one of those people you wouldnt want to meet when Im cross. Most of the time Im really upbeat and I give people a lot of rope with which to hang themselves but I will very suddenly go ballistic once a certain line is crossed and at that point only G-d can help you.
So Im starting to get cross over my OT referal or seemingly lack of it. Im starting to smell incompetance and whats the one thing guarenteed to drive me insane? Yes its that. To recap. My OT came to see me on the 16th january with a view to getting some access improvements done to my house. She wrote to me on the 18th to confirm what she had done, and who she had passed the referal to, as it wasnt specifically her remit. So 5 weeks later I have heard precisely nothing. Not an aknowledgement, a letter or a phone call to say they have anything. I phone 2 weeks ago and the 'Young Persons Team' confirmed they did indeed have the referal. Today my husband phoned and someone promised to call us back. So far nothing.
Anyway Im starting to get very very cross. My need is great and to not even acknowledge it is very very bad indeed. If they are not careful I will be turning up at their office next week to find out whats going on. I dont want to make life uncomfortable but if I have to I will, I know when I have had letters and referals in my work have always made an acknowledgement within days, just as my OT did. Im less than impressed by the young persons teams efficiancy and they will regret their lacks attitude if they are not careful.

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