Friday, March 28

Home Alone

I feel no one cares and that's the truth, there are numerous health professionals doing their jobs, but do they actually care, no I don't think so. They don't see the need half the time and then they promise you the earth and nothing happens. Its been a month since the 'right OT' came by our house and assess it for adaptations. Since then, nothing, zilch no communications whatsoever. I know she works part time, and I know shes been on holiday but it would have been courteous to maybe just drop us a line and say I have done A B & C. At least we would know if anythings going on, if the application has been made, can we expect anything at all? I'm so sick of tired of coming across people who make you believe they have your best interests at heart and yet you end up battling for every bit of help you need. Its no wonder Ive always shrugged my shoulders and shrugged on. I'm fed up of being made to feel that I'm asking the earth when Ive paid taxes for 20 years or so and taken hardly anything from the state before now. I'm sure there is something called 'middle class-ism'. They come to your house and see its nice and middle class and clean and everyone is looked after and go away because you are well spoken and educated and you know all about your condition etc etc. the truth is if we lived on some inner city estate and I only ever gave my kids chips then the whole world would be round like a shot. Because we choose not to have that life no one thinks we need any help with anything, they assume we have resource's, they assume too much. I do not have one person I could call on in an emergency, not one person I could ask to take the boys for an hour, not a single soul to help out. How awful is that yet of course we are fine and middle class and educated and don't forget totally on our own.

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