Monday, April 7

break down

Its been a while since I last posted...this is because things always tend to blow up, fall apart or break down in groups, and its been one of those times when we have had our fair share.
So on Easter Sunday our boiler broke down. You can guarantee that these things always happen over a bank holiday and with snow falling its was just above freezing. Our house was an ice box, without exaggeration our fridge felt warmer, so we huddled in the living room around the coal fire with me shouting 'shut the door!!' every few minutes. Consequently I tried very hard not to go any further than the living room or bedroom with lots of hot water bottles. The computer was no-go because the room was Arctic! It took the best part of a week for it to be mended, and for me to feel like a human being again.
Then last Monday, our phone and Internet went down. A man came on Wednesday and fixed it, for 2 hours and then off it went again. 'Hmmm' said BT 'sounds like your microfilters'. I wasn't so sure, and so it was a man with a spade and woolly jumpers and a balaclava came and walked round our house digging holes. 'Rabbits' he grumbled. We nodded wisely for we knew this to be the case as it happens every few months, but of course, what do we know? So its taken him 2 days to replace the cables and get us up and running again.
So there we have it, now whats going to break down next?

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