Thursday, March 20

The Jolly AquaJoy

Well I have a brand new super piece of equipment, its a bath seat thingy. Actually its the very posh AquaJoy Premier Plus bath lift. Hmmm like the name huh?! So its sitting in our kitchen in a very big box with a huge red sticker saying Do not install yourself, or something terrible is going to happen, which is a bit like Santa coming and then saying you cant open the presents for another week, as I suppose Ill have to wait for someone to turn up and show my darling husband how to get it in the bath.
Now Ive been offered these gadgets for the last couple of years and like the bloody stubborn fool that I am Ive always said Oh no thank you, not for me, I can manage etc etc. Yeah right! Last years pregnancy was a reality check in so much as it made me realise just how much I cant manage and how there is no shame in taking a hand from people. Now I tend to shrug my shoulders and just go OK, whatever,.. sounds like a good idea. If it makes life easier so be it. The path of least resistance. And its also the right path to be on most of the time. Here's a picture of a lady getting much joy from her bath, obviously I too will be equally joyful as I recline with that book I'm getting through at the moment, a glass of wine or a mug of tea, Yes I'm sure the AquaJoy will be making me laugh too!

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