Sunday, March 16

Rectus Abdominals

Oooo-Er Missus, my Rectus Abs are really sore!!!!!!! Ok I know what that sounds like but in reality these muscles are the ones that run down the front of your stomach, and men everywhere try to turn into a '6 pack'. Well of course Ive not had a 6 pack or even prominent muscles, ever in my life, never actually been interested anyway. However over the last week or so, these muscles in particular have been very sore, you know, like when you had to do that bloody awful circuit training in school and all those dreadful sit ups... So what do the Rectus Abs do? The rectus abdominis is a key postural muscle. It is responsible for flexing the lumbar spine, as when doing a 'sit-up'. So I suppose thinking about it, mine must have been working overtime lately as Ive had a lot of high back pain and the Abs must be working hard to keep me upright.

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