Wednesday, March 5


The reason I haven't posted much is that Ive been really really tired for the last few weeks. I mean unbelievably drained both physically and mentally. I haven't really felt like doing anything that required any mental effort at all. And physically I'm just pooped through and through so Ive been getting early nights when I can. Its a sort of unbearable fatigue where I will say to my husband, I have to go and lie down NOW!!! because I'm knackered! And I mean now, not in 20 minutes times. Its the sort of fatigue that makes you feel as if you are going to collapse, and I hate it.
Ive also had uncomfortable spasms which is probably my body telling me that something is going on or my UTI has got to the point of not coping with it anymore. Either way Ive had one running from my backside down the back of my leg. Sort of like when you get cramp when running, or pull a muscle, very uncomfortable. Ive also had one in my left knee. Its very sharp, continuous and makes me mutter OUCH. Its like someone banging the side of my knee with a hammer. Sore indeed.
So if I had my way Id take to my bed for at least 6 months, but somehow that's not going to happen is it!!?

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