Tuesday, March 4

Dont say what you like

Children are like buses, you wait half you life for one to come along, and suddenly 3 turn up in quick succession. Well so it seems anyway. I still cant believe we are having another addition, but we are so I will have to get used to it. Unfortunately Ive had some negative reaction from family and I feel suddenly less inclined to talk out the whole thing. Unpleasant comments about my/our ability to parent seem uncalled for at best and actually I think I'm a pretty decent parent actually. Anyone who meets my son seems to think so anyway. Lets just say I'm a bit down about it. Just because I'm not as physically able as some doesnt mean to say I am incapable. But then it probably does to some. So I don't really feel like telling anyone else much. Its one of those things when even if you are surprised, like us, you really want people to say That's wonderful, marvellous, congratulations! Because the creation of life is isn't it? Because of my disability I think some people think they can say anything they like to me and my husband and actually it hurts a bit.................sometimes.

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  1. It really isn't any of their business, yet people always feel they can put their 2 cent in when it comes to pregnancies! I have 4 kids (all pre sci) and after the 2nd I got a lot of "oh really?" and "Was it on purpose?" comments. Not called for. So, to you, That is marvelous! Congratulations!