Friday, April 18

iglide, youglide, weglide

Assistive technology. That's the term used for things such as E-motion wheels, a small motor helps you when you need it. So with my large cheque from those lovely people at Eden District Council, I had to decide what to get, well that was the question, what to get with the money. Having pondered the E motions a couple of things put me off. Firstly there is only one supplier in this country, they charge top notch and give very poor customer service, that put me off a bit. I also heard the battery wasn't too reliable. Then I read about a geared wheels system which looked, well interesting, but I wasn't sure how it worked and there was no distributor in the UK, so again that wasn't ideal. Hmmm what to do?
With every review I read I came across the iglide. How everyone who had ever used one raved about it. The best thing ever, fantastic, amazing, and so on. The only snag being despite its great reception , it was discontinued just over a year ago mainly because it was priced too high. Anyway Id never even seen one second hand because everyone who has one seems to keep it forever. It was a quandary that's for sure.
So my favourite port of call is that site Ebay. Oh yes I'm always having a look for wheelchair related bargains because its all so expensive and I tend to buy certain makes for bits. Its better than being ripped off by suppliers and we all know who they are. So I was browsing and seeing whats there when suddenly I spot an iglide for sale, and boy does it have my name on it. Ive never seen one before or since, they are as rare as 4 leaf clovers second hand. ' Been in the garage, needs a new battery...' Well I thought worth a go, nothing to lose and if it doesn't work then I can use the bits or something. Whats to lose? So indeed for £50 nothing was lost at all.
When it arrived I was bowled over. This is one solid chair, built for people of titanic proportions I suppose, certainly designed with Americans in mind. Makes my RGK look like a toy next to it. Its certainly top workmanship as far as the chair is concerned. The metalwork was almost immaculate, barely a scratch, and everything very adjustable. New battery though. Rang up and ordered.....2 days later a DHL courier knocked on the door with this HUGE BOX. I mean ENORMOUS!!!! Who ordered this? my husband and I wondered? So we opened it and found inside..... another box. In fact it was a Russian doll of boxes, finally we found the battery which had been couriered in 2 days flat from the US, free of charge. Impressed? You bet. Does it work then? Oh yes its incredible, really it lives up to its reviews. Ill be giving my own shortly!!

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  1. Just came across your website while trying to work out (via Google) whether it is better to use 'on' or 'onwards'! Will check back in! :O)