Wednesday, April 16


Yes I am, Yes I am, Yes I am!!!
The good people at the BBC contacted me and said 'We'd like you to do some of that blog stuff you do.' Well sounded fine to me until they said, 'actually we want a video blog...' Fine no probs sounds great I enthused and they sent me a webcam. So far Ive done the grand total of 1, and its very waffly to say the least. Actually I admit it was a practice run, so of course they've posted it on their website much to my cringing-ness! The problem with webcams is the frame per second speed means that you either talk more quickly than your mouth moves or it looks as if you have your eyes shut. So Ive been trying to talk, S.. L.. O.. W.. L.. Y.. and at the same time dont blink either. Its very weird I have to say, more in appearance than speech and Im looking to buy a better Cam so I dont have this juddering quaility which, lets be truthful Im disabled enough as it is thanks very much, Id at least like the camera to do a decent job! If you want a laugh you can find me lurking on OUCH. But with any luck I will get better I promise!!!

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