Saturday, April 26

Not good, no, not good at all!

Ive been ill. OK well, not ill, but severely incapacitated, and I'm not even sure why. Wednesday evening I was bending forward at a very slight angle in the process of changing Ike. When this terrible pain ripped across by lower back. I say rip because that's what it felt like, as it if all my muscles were being ripped away, or if someone had just slashed me with a Stanley knife, such was the acuteness. It curled round my left hip and left me breathless for a few seconds. But I was on my own, hubby was in Carlisle, so in my usual way I ignored it, finished what I was doing and told myself it would go away. Indeed the pain did seem to diminish so my guess I was right, it was one of those things.
Hours later and I was sat on the sofa watching The Apprentice. Hubby was back making himself something to eat. I started wriggling about trying to get comfy and then started to realise it was hurting me to sit upright, in fact it was hurting me a damn lot all of a sudden. by now I was shouting out loud with the pain. I just couldn't sit up, mind you lying down wasn't much better. So I went to bed with a hot drink, convinced this was going to improve things, I need a rest.
By 1.30 I could take no more. Id tried lying on my back, on my side. I couldn't even bear to lie on my right side at all. Id had pillows to support my legs. Still no good, honestly the pain was relentless. So I woke my husband and wondered if we should go to A & E, maybe this was serious. Maybe Id done something really stupid like dislocate my hip, but maybe I hadn't, it was probably nothing. I eventually dozed but had a dreadful night, waking every hour or so.
The following morning I was little better but by then had decided to wait a few days to see how it goes. Medically speaking that's my motto in life.
So since then Ive been taking it very easy indeed. Lots of sitting around watching TV, lifting nothing heavy, and lying down when possible. Very slowly I'm feeling better physically but I'm taking nothing for granted and will continue to be waited on hand, foot and finger.

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