Sunday, May 11

A little lift

Every house should have one, well every house that I live in should anyway. I'm talking about a stair lift. I know what you're thinking, but I honestly didn't think I needed one, stupid huh? I also knew we could never have afforded one if we had to pay for it ourselves. So thank the stars for the disabled persons grants. Northumberland does seem to be quite generous on this front, and if I had done my homework properly then of course Id have had it all the sooner. But people don't tell you what's available and of course when you become disabled you don't know the questions you need to ask because its a situation you've never been in before. Consequently it easy to find you go round and round in circles never getting anything sorted. When people say there's no help available, its not true, trouble is the help is so well hidden its very hard to find if you don't know how to look.

So the stairlift has been ordered. Oooo Id like the green one please! A choice of colours even, see, no luxury spared. What with the bath lift and the stairlift, I may just start to think I'm worth it all. And guess what, I've even got an appointment with wheelchair services next week!

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